Civillians was added to version 1.32 and was originally created by mrnat44

there are 12 skins,only 6 have psi swords.

Other 6 civillians dont have psi swords,they are dont have psi swords because they was forced to have bump animation to atack psi swords animation.

There is 6 just civillians,3 male and 3 female.

There is 2 male armored civillians (remaked version of male 1 and 2) and usable to play as DM skin.

The workers have male and female version.

Last 2 is SWAT soldiers,dark (normal) and orange (brighter) and usalbe as DM skin.


Interesting factors

workers and armored civillians and swat brighter have orange psi swords,Only dark swat have dark blue psi swords.

Female skins have Proxy's sounds.

All males have same sound.

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